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One of the biggest struggles for someone with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder- Level 1) can be confusion, frustration and isolation in relationships…and the anxiety and depression that can often come from this.

Ultimately this Can Lead to Feeling Badly About Yourself


The good news is that through counselling, people with Asperger’s can work towards learning how to have rich and rewarding relationships and feel good about who they are.


If you have been diagnosed with, or strongly suspect that you may have Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD-Level 1), you know all too well the longing to connect with people in meaningful ways, but not being able to do it well. You may feel like you live in a completely different “culture”--sometimes like a different planet, than the rest of the world. You may feel like a "square peg in a round-hole-world".  You simply may not feel like you know how to relate like others do.


Like other people with Aperger’s (ASD-Level 1) you have probably suffered for as long as you can remember and may relate with some of these problems:


  • You might struggle with relationships -- especially intimate ones. You might feel isolated and lonely. Your loved ones might also feel disappointed that you are unable to communicate with them in the way that they want.
  • You might often feel left out, criticized and misunderstood.
  • You might struggle to keep up with social conversations; you are not sure what to say or how to respond.
  • You can feel strong emotions, but you have difficulty putting them into words.
  • People want and expect things from you that you are unable to give. It’s very frustrating.
  • You might struggle with self-esteem because you think it’s difficult to like yourself when so many people seem to shy away from you.

Please don't give up hope…

It is possible to overcome many of these struggles and have more satisfying relationships.

As a psychologist and therapist who understands Autism Spectrum Disorder- Level 1, or Asperger's Syndrome, I would like to work with you to assist with acquiring social skills to help relate to others in more meaningful ways. Through the therapeutic process, we can strive to work together to move from desperation and despair to hope, courage, greater self-acceptance and happiness.

Like most people with Aperger’s (ASD -Level 1), you may likely be quite bright. What this means is that you can be good at many things because you can learn. Most importantly, you can work towards discovering and applying the social skills that seems to come so naturally to others.

I know that might be hard to believe if you are feeling very discouraged, but it’s true. Through counselling, several people with Asperger’s (ASD-Level 1) have learned how to improve their social interactions and have richer, more satisfying relationships and a more fulfilling life.

It would be my great pleasure to help you work towards feeling more confident and secure in yourself. 

One of our goals in our sessions will likely be to learn the social skills that you have struggled with for so long, in an effort to help you feel more confident in social situations, and possibly even notice how much stronger your relationships can become.   My goal is to assist you with making changes that can help you feel so much better about yourself. 

Common therapeutic goals might include:

  1. Gain insight on why things have been so difficult for you.  The purpose of this is to feel a sense of relief once you understand this better.
  2. Discover how to communicate more effectively with others. You might even feel surprised at how skilled you can become in this area.
  3. Learn how to be more comfortable making “small talk” with people in social situations so you won’t have to feel like the odd one out anymore.
  4. Decode the mystery of non-verbal language. In sessions I will endeavor to show you how to know what people are saying with their bodies so you will be more able to respond to them appropriately.
  5. Work towards getting (and keeping) the love that you have longed for much of your life.
  6. Help the loved ones in your life better understand you so they can respond to you in ways that will help them get what they need. When they are happier, you might find yourself feeling happier too.

I invite you to take the first step to contact me.  The sooner you do, the sooner we can get started on helping you create the life and relationship that you want.



Anu Sharma-Niwa is a psychologist and therapist in Calgary, Alberta. She provides couples and marriage counselling to couples who are struggling in their relationships, and individual therapy to people dealing with a range of personal challenges. In addition, Anu provides counselling to people with Asperger’s Syndrome who struggle with self esteem and personal relationships.